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We are happy to announce the arrival of Pepper's 8 puppies on March 30, 2015.  These puppies will mature to approx. 23 lbs. and are due to go to their forever homes on May 24th, 2015, just in time for summer! 
Pepper                                         Tigger

Click on Herb's picture below to view pictures of all the puppies in this litter. These puppies are all reserved.
Waiting list:
1.  Carey Hildebrand - Anise (black-f) picked-up
2.  Betty Park - Rosemary (red-f) picked-up
3.  Dana Dwyer - Saffron (apricot-f) picked-up
4.  Kim Hamilton - Sage (red-f) picked up 
5.  Christy Corpancho - Dill (apricot-m) picked-up
6.  Bridgette Gill - Parsley (blue merle- f) picked-up
7.  Jessica Cuccio - Basil (silver-m) picked-up
8.  Andrew Douglass - Herb (blue merle male)
For more information on this litter email subject: Pepper
or call Melodie @ 512-943-0162 or 512-635-8302
Announcing the arrival of Violet and Tigger's litter of two Chocolate puppies.  Who doesn't love Chocolate?! One male and one female.   These puppies will mature to approx. 22 lbs. Born 4-12-15 / Go home 
date 6-7-15. Just in time for summer!

             Violet                                  Tigger 
Violet and Tigger are both loving, smart, and bouncy little sweethearts.  These puppies will be easy to train and full of love. They are precious little chocolate chunks.  Since there are only two of them, they are getting lots of love, attention and nutrition from mom.  
                               Lucy and Ricky!
Waiting list:
1.  Julie Barker - Lucy

For more information on this litter email subject: Violet or call Melodie @ 512-943-0162 or 512-635-8302 
We are pleased to present to you Honey and Tigger's
litter of 7 adorable puppies.  These puppies will mature to approx. 26 lbs. 
Born 4-14-15 /Go home date 6-9-15.
Waiting list:
1.  LLR
2.  Nuala Maddox
3.  Patricia Wosczyk
4.  Kelli Drews
For more information on this litter, email Subject: Honey