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A non-refundable deposit of $300 
reserves your puppy          
or your pick in an upcoming litter.


Georgia (35 lbs)                                 Tigger (20lbs)

Georgia delivered 7 puppies on the 18th of November the selections can be made before Christmas and puppies will be going home one Jan 14th.

1.  LLR 
2. Tonya Riner
3.  Jennifer Bremer
4.  Tammie Bayless
5.  Beth Landgraf
6.  Rebecca Smith

Contact Starla regarding this litter @ 713-870-3973 or email puppy@labradoodleme Subject: Georgia


Lillie (45 lbs)                   Shoeshine (40 lbs)

Lillie delivered 6 puppies on Nov 20, 2016.  These puppies will go to their forever homes January 15th at 8 weeks of age.

Please click on the litter picture below to see more pictures of these puppies.

At this time, Lillie's list is full.

  1.  LLR/Fletcher
2.  RJ
3.  Susan Lane
4.  Jack Lieberman
5.  Beckie Kipp

Contact Melodie regarding this litter @ 512-635-8302 or email puppy@labradoodleme Subject: Lillie


                            Honey 32 lbs                                                 

 These puppies will go to their forever homes on
Jan 18th, 2017

Waiting list
1. LLR
2. Corie Green
3. Cathy Mendoza
4. Kay Lobb

Contact Patricia regarding this litter @ 281-469-4447 or email puppy@labradoodleme Subject: Honey


Poppy                                                                                                                                                                            Hank

Poppy delivered 4 adorable darlings.

Waiting List
1.  LLR
2.  Rima Rodriguez
3.  Diane Singleton

Contact Patricia regarding this litter@ 281-469-4447 or email puppy@labradoodleme Subject: Poppy