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Some things that have been said about us:

Happy 4th!  We are having so much fun with Coco!!  She is growing so fast and is so smart!  She loves water!  When she get's hot she splashes it on her belly!  She already knows "sit" and "fetch" and has only has a couple of "accidents."  We are so happy with her!  She gets frisky after her bath .  She is so funny!  We just wanted you to know we are having a ball with her! 
                                                               Laura T

Hi Patricia!  Hope all is well.  Just wanted to keep you up to date.  We received the August issue of The Crown, a local magazine, today.  As you can see from the attached images, Maggie Rose is the Pet of the Month!  The photographs came out great.  I just love my girl!!

I just gave your name out to some friends today.  They are considering getting a dog.  I sent them your website too.  I noticed on your testimonials  all the cute pictures. If you ever need another I thought my son and Bronte would be a cute addition.  He loves that dog.  Her coat is stunning.  Hope you are well.

T. Miller
Here is a picture of Leia. I was out walking her one day and a lady in my neighborhood had a dog that looked just like Leia. I was shocked. She said that she had seen my husband walking Leia one day and asked him where he got her. She got one from you from Sofi & Shoeshine's litter. It is funny how much they are alike personality wise. She has a sister in her neighborhood. We love our dog and may be calling you again soon for another one......if I could talk the husband into it :)

A. Miller

I hope you are doing well and surviving the summer heat!  I just wanted to drop you a note (and a picture) of Hunter and Ryder.  They have become very fond of each other…playing constantly.  I took Hunter to the vet yesterday for his second set of boosters and he has doubled his weight in a month’s time – I think he is going to be a big boy!  We are enjoying him very much and so happy that Ryder has a buddy.
J. Falcone
I thought you'd like to see how much the puppies have grown in the past couple of weeks! Zoey's in the foreground on the left & Zeke is just behind her. They've been such a delightful addition to our family...we just love them!! They're doing really well on potty training (Zeke even rings the bells by the back door to go outside!) with almost no accidents at all. They sleep well, eat well---especially Zoey---and play hard. They have the best time running in the yard together & playing with each other. Zoey is very lovable and snuggly, but she's pretty independent & a little stubborn. Zeke is absolutely a momma's boy and a people pleaser! He's friendly & loving to all, but he's very loyal and partial to me for sure. He's more of a clown where Zoey is a little more daring. They're learning to walk on their leashes & go swimming, and they can already sit when asked.  They've been to the vet & she fell in love with them, as did all the other workers in the clinic. All the techs & the vet commented on what sweet, well-mannered, affectionate puppies they are!  I'll send you other pictures as they grow so you can keep up with them.
Susan Williamson
Just wanted to give you another update on Zeus, with pictures included. He has been AMAZING! He is surprisingly smart (fully potty-trained and can sit, wait, lay down, high-five, bark, and fetch on command at 14 weeks), and has a wonderfully playful attitude towards other dogs and people, ESPECIALLY children! We can't thank you enough for such an awesome dog! We've probably been asked about his breed close to 30 times and have always made sure to mention and how great Logan Ranch was for us. We hope you and your family are doing well!    
Omar & Norma B
Hi there.  Here are a few new pics of Sandy.  We all love her so much.  My daughter loves to sleep with her, as shown in the picture.  She is so smart- she thinks she is human and we are amazed by how much she understands.  Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family.
This is my boy Phinneaus . . . he's 2 ½  now and such a joy. He's a real mamas boy but loved by ALL. He loves to play with our 14 year old Golden Retriever and bird and is happy to let the bird be boss.  I am planning to get my daughter a Labradoodle from Pepper and Tigger's recent litter born 05/30/12 and then one  in a year or so for my youngest daughter. They’re grown and living on there own now and  I can't wait till we all have one. Family get-togethers should be very entertaining.  You all are the best! 
Paula M, Austin
Seton is such a blessing and an overall great dog!!!  If you ever need a referral let us know!
Candice Sullivan
We love our dog!!!  Just wanted you to know what a great addition to our family, Charlie has been.  It was amazing how you had already taught him his name and he was well on his way to being potty trained.  Now he is practically fully trained and we start obedience classes next week.  He is exactly what I had hoped for in our dog from his color to how smart he is to his soft, beautiful, fluffy coat.  He is like a teddy bear.  Everyone thinks he's the most adorable dog ever and want to know where we got him.  Just wanted to share a picture and give you an update.
Liesl B
Belle is doing great.  We  just love her!  Her personality fits our family so well.  She is also doing really well with potty training.  She is such a happy puppy who loves our kids.
Kira W, Ruston, LA
We're doing GREAT!  Lambo is such a love....he's funny and sweet and smart.  He rings his bells to go outside...sometimes quite vigorously!   He weighs about 20 lbs, but we're convinced that HALF of that is fur!  Thank goodness he doesn't shed! . . . I check the website often to see what's going on with LLR.
Martha, Houston
We all are in love with her.  She is  so kind and gentle.  It was nice meeting you yesterday.  And we'll keep in touch. Sandy has learned that being  around the baby usually means food will be dropped on  the floor.  The baby loves her and  it baffles me how gentle with him she is.
Dr. Gina from Dallas

Lexi says hi, she is a happy girl. Cannot believe we have had her almost a year.
Maralee G
Atlantic Coast
Molly Brown is wonderful.  She sits, shakes hands, waits politely for the command to eat, rolls over, does a belly crawl, plays dead (more like wounded so far), and still rings the bell to go potty.  She has tried several times to use the bell to tell
me it is time to eat but we are not going there. LOL
Barb K from Texas
I just wanted to send a couple of recent pictures of Riley to you.  She is getting along great with the kids and other dogs.  She has the sweetest temperament, is too smart for her own good, and her coat is just to die for!  You can tell from the picture that she loves the water.  My husband travels and she can instantly turn from playful to protective of me and the kids, which I really love.  I’m amazed at how many people ask about her breed and are so fascinated with her!  Anyways, thanks again for breeding such a wonderful soul…she has been a fantastic addition to our family!
Susan from Austin
You have no idea! Reggie has the sweetest temperament and is such a love ball. He follows us from room to room and will walk over, and simply set his paw on your lap as if to say hi. He is just the best dog anyone could ask for.
Desiree from Austin, TX
Rockey is so intelligent, I have trained  him to "sit", to go to his "spot" in the crate. He "goes potty" outside only (at 10 weeks). I have just  bought a bell, which we ring before taking him potty, I am teaching him to ring it so he can tell me when he has to go. He is lot of fun.
Drs. Vish & Anu from Austin, TX
 Thank you so much for our new pups and if you ever need a recommendation you can use my name!"
Anne from San Jose, CA
"I will try to send more photos soon - also I might be referring some clients.  We receive SO many compliments on how cute she is and we love her very much!!!!"
Candi from Ephrata, PA
"Our family is so much enjoying Sunshine.  She has grown into a great almost 1 year old.  We are so proud of Sunshine.  Thanks again for putting sunshine in our lives!"
Dr. Amy from Marble Falls
"I'll send a couple of recent pics - he looks like his dad... So sweet and such a love dog.  And a very good boy.  Smart as a whip.  We just love him to bits."
Celia from Round Rock, Texas
"Thank you for your e-mail.  Chester is quite intelligent he is already starting to respond to his name and to the command, come.  For the first couple of days he stuck to my side like glue but he is more confident of his new surroundings and is starting to explore his new yard and house." 
Jay from Austin, Texas
Chris from Cedar Park decided to surprise his wife... "I put our new chocolate puppy in a crate on Valentine's Day and told my wife that I got her a box of chocolate.  We are all very excited and love our new addition to the family."
Chris from Cedar Park, Texas
"I take my new companion everywhere and everyone just loves her.  I tell them if I ever buy another puppy it will be from this lady... expect some calls." 
Jeff from Lake Tahoe, CA
Letters from Children:
Carson ~ 2nd grade.
Ryan got 2 puppies!