Labradoodles of Logan Ranch

Labradoodle Puppy Nursery

All of our Labradoodles are
home raised, multi-generational
registered Australian

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Adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies

A cute Australian Labradoodle puppy posing for their picture.

A non-refundable deposit of $300
reserves your puppy
or your pick in an upcoming litter.

Welcome to our Labradoodle Puppy Nursery.  We welcome visitors by appointment only.  On this page, you will see our current Labradoodle puppies.  If you have any questions about any of the litters below, please email [email protected].  Click here to see our Upcoming Litters Page and the next available litters!  There is currently an unprecedented demand of Australian Labradoodles and it will be the end of the 2020 or even 2021 before we can get you a puppy.  We are committed to helping you find the right puppy to add to your family!

Penny and Teddy’s puppies have arrived!  This is Teddy’s first litter. These will be mini’s.  Both of them have gorgeous coats.  Penny’s is a silky, red, curly fleece and Teddy’s is a Parti wool.  Penny is a lover and want’s all of her persons attention.  Teddy is a bouncy playful boy.  He is friendly with all the girls.  

Penny, red female 17 lbs.
Teddy, apricot parti male 16 lbs.


Penny and Teddy Wait List Full

1.  Amy Fisher – Pepa, turquoise

2.  Amy Fisher – Penelope, white

3.  Joan Clark – Pearl, green

4.  Verna Goodin – Petunia, pink

5.  Dr. Jennifer Christensen – Pebbles, Purple

For more info on this litter contact Sharon at 512-825-0040

Paisley and Murphy Litter - 6/5/20

List Filled

Paisley, Chocolate Merle, 30
Murphy, Red Australian Labradoodle Sire
Murphy, Red Sire, 42 lbs

Our sweet Paisley had her first litter.  Paisley gets along well with other dogs and people.  She loves a good snuggle and she has a stunning soft, shiny fleece coat.  Murphy is our adorable man about town.  He is in high demand as a sire.  His coat is absolutely perfect, but what make him a favorite is his comical, funny personality.  There are 8 babies in this litter, 6 males, 2 females.  Colors are 2 Black, 2 chocolate, 2 red, and 2 chocolate merle.


Paisley and Murphy Wait List – FULL

1. V. Pamki – Paxton, brown

2. Chris and Jennifer Almond – Paco, Yellow

3. Lori and Steve Loranger – PattiCake, Pink

4. German Luy – Paris, Lavender

5. Sneha Mastha – Paladin, Red

6. Dawn Gayken – Patton, Grey

7. Katrina Moline – Patch, Blue

8. Yvette Garden – Pace (Coltrane) Orange

Rosie and Murphy
litter of 8 born 7/5/20
Going to their forever homes on August 29th
List Filled

Rosie. Cream Australian Labradoodle
Rosie- Caramel Ice colored female 40 lbs
Murphy. Our Red Australian Sire
Murphy- Red colored male 42 lbs

Rosie is very athletic and loves chase and fetch.  

Murphy is very playful and has all the girls chase after him around the yard. 

Click on the picture of the puppy to see more photos of this litter

Rosie and Murphy Wait List

1.Candra Mitchell

2. Jamal Sancho

3. Aimara Fuenmayor

4. Dylan Comeaux

5.Amy Banker

6. Nilesh Shelar

7.Sissy Boyd

8. Ali Lemus


Blue and Murphy
Litter of 8 born 7/9/20
Going to their forever home Sept. 4th
List Filled

Blue. Australian Labradoodle
Blue 32 lbs.
Murphy. Our Red Australian Sire
Murphy 42 lbs.

Blue is sweet and a loyal companion

Murphy is very playful and has all the girls chase after him around the yard. 

Click on the picture of the puppy to see more pictures of the litter

Blue and Murphy waitlist

1. Jason Garrett

2. Rebecca Stephens

3.Pamela Orfanos

4. Shay Schiro

5.Gregory Matous

6.John & Angela Meloy

7. Nelson Tajong

8. Lindsey Berggren

Cami and Murphy July 13, 2020 going to their forever home Sept. 5th
List Filled

Cami- Chocolate Merle female 26 lbs
Murphy, Red Australian Labradoodle Sire
Murphy male 42 lbs.

Cami is a loyal companion and loves to play chase with the other dogs.

Murphy is very playful and has all the girls chase after him around the yard.

Click on the picture of the puppy to see more pictures of the litter

For Cami’s first litter she only had 1 puppy.  

Waitlist for this litter

Colton and Christina

Our waiting lists fill up fast,

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We are deeply saddened to tell you that our precious mother, Patricia, who helped start this business, has gone home to be with the Lord she loved. Her work ethic, kindness, brilliance and encouragement will be greatly missed by many.

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