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The Logan Ranch Difference



Every one of our labradoodle puppies is home raised and socialized from birth with children and other dogs. They are handled from the day they are born and their journey to your home begins before they meet you. With our labradoodle puppies, Potty training begins at 3 weeks and is easy to complete, especially when crate-training is implemented, which we strongly recommend.

Logan Ranch Labradoodle Puppies comes with:

  • Current Vaccinations & Deworming
  • 2 year Health Guarantee
  • Puppy Training Tips
  • Blankie and/or Toy
  • Microchip
  • A lifetime of support

A puppy from Labradoodles of Logan Ranch will be a multi-generational, Australian labradoodle.

Our greatest accomplishment to date has been the placement of dogs in positions of service or assistance. We have placed puppies in families with autistic children, children with disabilities and disorders, the wheelchair bound, counselors for severely abused children, brain injured children, diabetes alert, seizure alert and one little guy is even learning to aid in crime scene investigations! Most recently we were asked to place a puppy in Texas A&M’s Guide Dog and Service Dog Program. Our Duke will receive about 1-1/2 years of training at A&M and then will receive additional training at a prestigious facility before being assigned as an aide dog. We will be following Duke’s progress.


Working with Seton Hospital’s Women’s Development Board, we were also able to help raise funds for Seton Hospital.

From The Beacon, a publication of Seton Williamson Foundation

Quite a few of our labradoodle puppies have gone to homes with a family member that suffered severe allergies to dog saliva or hair, with no ill effects. The disposition and temperament of the Labradoodle along with their need to interact with people make them an exceptional candidate for service or therapy dogs, their allergy friendly coat is an added benefit.

Our Labradoodle dams and sires live in our homes, they are our pets, and their puppies are petted and handled from birth by our families, especially the children, grandchildren & great grandchildren – all 16 of them. We are happy to report that all our dogs and puppies have shown tremendous affection for children.


The following is a Reputable Breeder Checklist reprinted from KXAN, a local NBC affiliate in Austin, TX. They published this list after running a story about an unscrupulous breeder.

  • First, make sure the breeder lets you tour their facilities. If they don’t, that’s a bad sign.
  • Second, do your research on the type of dog you’re looking for, and quiz the breeder. If they don’t know a lot about the breed, that’s a red flag.
  • Third, Make sure the breeder offers a contract.

Below is a copy of the Spay/Neuter Contract and Health Guarantee we use at Labradoodles of Logan Ranch.

Spay-Neuter – Health Agreement

If you are interested in one of our Labradoodle puppies, please contact us by email at:

[email protected]


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