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Millie & Teddy expecting their first litter

Expected Due Date May 15

Mini litter approximately 20 lbs

Millie is a little red girl with a beautiful, soft coat.  She is sweet natured and smart.  Teddy is an outgoing beautiful guy that all the ladies adore.  We are very excited about this litter.  Because we don’t have a picture of puppies from this pairing, we will show some that should look similar until we can post these darling babies.

For information on this litter,

contact Sharon Lewis, 512.825.0040 call/text or

email [email protected], Subject Line: Millie

Millie, 20 lbs
Teddy, 20 lbs





Click the puppy picture to the left in order to see photos of what puppies from this pair will look like.


1. Pamela Latham

2. Nancy Coco

3. Brooke Lisenbe

4. Kirti Ranjit

5. Madhuri Reddy

6. Brenda Bean


Bluebonnet (Blue) and Murphy

expecting a medium size litter
end of May,
go home date end of July

Blue. Australian Labradoodle
Blue medium sized 32 lbs
Murphy. Our Red Australian Sire
Murphy medium sized 42 lbs

Blue is a very sweet girl with a soft wavy fleece coat. Her coat is considered to be the color Blue and shines with a hint of the color when in the sun.  Murphy is a gentle boy with a red soft fleece coat.  They usually have a variety of colors cream, caramel, chocolate, black, blue or silver. The coats will be soft fleece coats.  Litter located in Canyon Lake, TX In between Austin and San Antonio.


Starla Text/Phone 713.870.3973 or

 email: [email protected]  subject line:  Blue

This photo is of a previous litter from this pairing. Click on the photo to be taken to the photo album


1.  LLR
2.  Kim Culpepper
3.  Ashley Jones
4. John Moore
5.  Mariano
6. Campa

Mollie and Teddy
expecting their first litter
Approximately June 9

Mollie is a very gentle girl and is a little shy.  She warms up quickly and loves to snuggle.  Teddy is a happy-go-lucky boy and never met a stranger.  I believe this litter will have great personalities and fabulous coats.  Scroll down to see what pictures of this litter will most likely look like.  

For information on this litter, contact 

Sharon Lewis, 512.825.0040 call/text or

email [email protected], Subject Line: Mollie

Mollie, 18 lbs
Teddy, 20 lbs



Click puppy photo to see what these puppies are likely to look like.


  1. LLR
  2. Michelle Moore
  3. Madeline Chavez
  4. German Luy
  5. Heather Comfort
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