Labradoodles of Logan Ranch

Upcoming Litters

Below you can view all of the upcoming Labradoodle litters that we are expecting soon.  If you have any questions about any of the upcoming litters or want to make a reservation, please email [email protected] and include the litter’s parents’ names in the subject line.  You can also call the phone number listed below each litter if you prefer to speak with someone.

Deposits for future litters

Annie H. 1 puppy Lillie’s next Litter – MH

Amy Fisher  2 female puppies on next mini litter- Penny or Grace -PM


Paisley and Murphy Due June 3, 2020

This is the first litter for Paisley!  We are so excited, she has such a great, laid back disposition and beautiful shiny coat.  Murphy has a wonderful soft, red coat and he makes quite an impression on everyone he meets..  He has a comical, outgoing personality that’s irresistible.  We won’t have this litter available for very long.  For More information contact:

                                                      Sharon Lewis

                                           512.825.0040 (phone or text) 

                              [email protected] subject line: Paisley

Paisley, Chocolate Merle Femle
Murphy, Red Australian Labradoodle Sire
Murphy, Red Male

Paisley / Murphy Wait List

  1.  V Pamki – SL
  2. Chris and Jennifer Almond – SM
  3. Steve Loranger – SM
  4. German Luy – SM


Harper and Shoeshine due June 3, 2020

We are happy to announce that our sweet girl Harper is expecting her first litter with Shoeshine.  Harper has a great personality.  She loves to take a toy with her everywhere she goes and enjoys showing everyone her tricks.  She has a soft curly fleece chocolate coat.  Shoeshine is a long time favorite and prefers snuggling to anything else.  He has a soft wool chocolate merle coat.  That seldom gets a tangle.  For more information contact:

 Melodie Harris 

512-635-8302 (call or text) or

[email protected]  Subject line: Harper

Harper 38 lbs chocolate female
Shoeshine. Chocolate Merle Australian Labradoodle Sire
Shoeshine 38 lbs Chocolate merle male

Harper / Shoeshine waiting list

1. LLR

2. Clara Patterson – SM

3. Del Valle – SL

4. Verna Goodin

Penny and Theodore Bear "Teddy"
Due June 8, 2020

We are happily anticipating the arrival of Penny and Teddy’s litter.  This is Teddy’s first litter. And they are mini’s.  Both of them have gorgeous coats.  Penny’s is a silky, red, curly fleece and Teddy’s is a Parti wool.  Penny is a lover and want’s all of her persons attention.  Teddy is a bouncy playful boy.  He is fliendly with all the girls.  

Penny - Red, female mini- 17 lbs
Teddy - Caramel and White Male - 16 lbs

Penny and Teddy Wait List


Amy Fisher

Joan Clark

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